Friday, August 24, 2007

The Breast Show in Texas

Regarding Fox TV's "Anchorwoman," now cancelled, it's pointless to be referencing the Apocalypse (Word of the Day), because that time has come and gone. Yes, the TV show was as cringeworthy as I expected. And Lauren Jones's breasts were, as I also expected, as big as Texas. I'm not sure the Fox network producers can be faulted, as reality TV folks unapologetically traffic in being crass and brazen. (And a shout out to the editors who knew precisely where to put pregnant pauses for maximum effect.)

I think here the fault lies with two Tyler news executives who, knowing better, still chose to lead with their--well, let's just say they weren't using their brains when they chose to participate in yet another wholesale trashing of the business they profess to love and respect. I give a great deal of credit to the staff of KYTX for showing unusual restraint and not slapping Lauren Jones into the next county. While the former "Barker Beauty" certainly has enthusiasm to spare, she demonstrated for the unblinking eye of network television yet again why the TV news business is held in such low esteem by the viewing public.

But you can't blame the anchor-wannabe for viewing her role as nothing more than another modeling assignment, but with (insert cringe here) more opinions. This is what young women all over America see as their divine right and purpose in life. Why would any of them aspire to be a teacher or doctor when an anchor job looks like so much more fun? And with free makeup!

No, the blame goes to a management team that wanted it both ways--boost ratings with a sweet, but dim, blonde while at the same time telegraphing to the audience that the effort shouldn't be taken seriously. After all, folks, it's just news.

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